GoFTP: Your #1 Guide to FTP Protocols and Clients

In your search for the fastest FTP client, you will come across a whole host of information. Go FTP is here to help you decipher all that content. While creating a website, you compile a lot of information stored in files and folders. With the right FTP client, moving all of it becomes much easier.

To get the right model architecture for client-server, the trick is to use data connections and controls that are separate. Any user seeking to use an FTP client needs to get authenticated. Some require you to log in with a username and password. FTP servers have come a long way since the initial one written in 1971.

What is FTP?

Basically, the abbreviation FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Start by understanding what it entails? Why is it important to have an FTP at hand while creating that new website?

An FTP is what you use to transfer files and folders from your computer to an online server. Many people have at one time or the other used an FTP even without knowing what it is. An FTP is what most of us use to download something from the internet. Another use for it is while transferring web pages from one location to another.

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There are many types of FTP clients available in the market today. To pick the right one, it goes beyond finances. For one, compatibility between your computer and the FTP is key. Different FTP clients are compatible with various OS like Windows, Mac among others. When you decide you need an FTP, look at the features. Is it designed to work with your particular operating system?

Another factor to keep in mind is the version of the computer you are using. Compatibility goes deeper to the version of the computer. Also, some FTP clients are free while others charge a fee. The fee is determined by how many computers are using the software.

How FTP Work?

FTP is quite simple and that is why many clients are easy to use. You only need a few trials to grasp the concept of each that you are using. The main tasks involved when working with an FTP is downloading and uploading files and folders. When you download, you move a file/folder from the online server to your computer. Uploading, on the other hand, entails moving files/folders from your computer to the online server.

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FTP is not very secure even though there are some with additional encryption measures. Ensure your computer is protected against any viruses or malware that can be hidden in what you download. The good news is there are FTP clients that take security seriously. Use them if the data you have is sensitive.

Filezilla client

It’s important to use FTP when uploading or downloading files or folders. The clients come in handy when you have a lot of them to sift through. One example is when you are creating a website. Without the best FTP client, you don’t stand a chance against the mountain of information you have to sift through. Pick the right one for your computer keeping in mind compatibility is key to it working successfully.

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